Farm Filth

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Farm Filth

Muck and Mire, Part one.

 The farm beckons, Mypie has been challenged. Will she do the new messy course in her office wear? Well, Mypie is not one to hide from a messy challenge so she accepts. When she arrives she is not so impressed, the first task is she has to crawl through a freezing, stinking brook, passing under a bridge full of creepy crawlies then out the other side. To make things worse, the whole place is full of orange goo, best get on with it then! When the crossing is complete the lucky lady climbs out only for disaster to strike. Whilst shouting at Andy, Mypie trips and ends up falling ass first into a mud trap! Thick, smelly. sticky slop clings to her leather skirt. Next comes the sludge pit? Mypie is given the challenge of doing several press ups in it. Now comes her next issue, the skirt? Turns out this leather item of clothing is knee length for a reason, it restricts your movement! Mypie is forced to struggle her way through the challenge, only to be told she is being taken to the mud pit. On arrival it would appear the tractors have been through, dropping God knows what in there? Andy complains he cannot get across, the answer if simple make Mypie lie in it back first, then face first to make a bridge! The idea goes awry as Mypie keeps slipping all over the place, so just for jolly's she is made to roll round it... EEEWWW!

Commence the romp.

Get in there and roll about.

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Muck and Mire, Part two.

 Mypie is not happy the leather skirt is a trap, its rubbing against her crotch! Only one way to get rid of it, go onto the railway bridge and face a challenge. This one is in several parts, firstly strip to your lingerie. Second, go through some humiliation tasks. Mypie sheds her office attire and stands waiting in her satin black top and French knickers. The first task arrives, fill your panties with whipped cream front and back. A full can has to go in their. Mypie responds and sets about the request, once her French knirckers are well and truly filled front and back, turns out there is some cream left? So lets fill her top! As if this wasn't bad enough pink paint is brought out. The order goes out, go topless! Mypie doesn't want to fail so she goes for it. Once covered in paint a train is coming, can you guess what she is made to do? Well, for some reason Mypie fails, she is told to put on a cream blouse, no bra, and a short tartan skirt. After being frog marched to the pond Mypie faces her next problem, sink or swim? Several cold challenges await the plucky lady, including submerging in the icy water. Oh there is also a pond hair wash to be had?... Join us and see how far Mypie is prepared to go... Will she complete the course?

Whipped cream in the French Panties!


Get in that pond!

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Farm Frolics.

 It's a lovely day at the farm, as I was walking along guess who I spied? It's only Cat suit Candie, looking stunning in some shiny office clothes. Before I know it she's getting in a smelly brook! She starts going for it and wades in, a dare is in order, to see if she will kneel down in it. As if by magic there is a small bucket available, so I ask Candie to pour smelly brook water all down the front of her blouse! We end up at the smelly big pond. I challenge Candie to go in and swim in the muck in her secretarial attire. We want, blouse, skirt, lingerie, get the lot in there. Fail and Candie is going in the smelly farm track mud pit on the pole! What's going on here, Candie your outfit stinks! Guess what, we've found another smelly pond. It has an added bonus, a vile smelly mud bank. Right, time for a challenge. The backwards pond drop. The judge will view Candie's attempt and then issue the relevant prize. Post challenge it would appear the jury have rigged the event and Candie is forced into the vile mud bank. This leads to more pond drops as Candie attempts to get clean, only to be told she is going to the slime pit! On arrival there is some bad news, Candie has to sit down in the middle of the pit, once she can wade her through all the slime and muck to get there! Then the jury announce its time Candie disrobed! The order goes out, 'Unbutton your blouse and crawl through the slime breast first!' if this is not bad enough she then has to roll round in it! More humiliation follows, back to the stinking pond for a wash! But, Candie is not allowed to sort out her blouse or skirt! Once in the pond, she is ordered to expose her nipples!


Look at this lovely brook?

Dare you to do it!

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Give me the aftershock.

Farm Filth.

 Maria has accepted the Farm Filth challenge, first of all, she can only wear four items of clothing, these are a white blouse, full sleeve, black pvc zip up skirt, hosiery, and some flat shoes for the mud. She cannot wear a bra or knickers she has forfeited the right. The first task: Maria must wade out into a pond until she is breast deep in cold stinking water, if she falls and goes under so be it! She wades out saturating her skirt in stinking water, then it happens Maria slips and goes under, saturating her pristine blouse. She completes her task and makes her way back to the bank, her breasts cling to her saturated blouse. Task Failed: Well now Maria has made it worse for herself, as she is taken to a really smelly, disgusting, pond/swamp. Task Two: Now Maria has to get into another stinking pond, in her already reeking clothes. As soon as she steps in this pond, stinking mud gurgles up from underneath her, she makes her way through to the mud section only to be told to crawl! through it. Maria obliges ruining her blouse and pvc skirt, she calls out due to the smell penetrating her already semi destroyed outfit. She makes it to the bank, only to be told to get back in, face first! Again Maria is back in the mud, she has to crawl through this disgusting, stinking mess, to face Andy for inspection. Maria now finds this task is in three sections, as there is a mud pit for her to role round in. Once in there, she's forced to face dunk in the stinking mud, roll round, un button her blouse and plaster her breasts, all as part of her task. Maria for some reason fails her task again, she's complains, and then waves at passing train for everyone to see her. Task Three: The rank mud hole. Now Maria looks in a state, she stinks to high heaven, her breasts are exposed her clothes are heavy with vile mud. Having failed all her tasks, Maria is put on the pole, she must carry the pole on her shoulders until she is told otherwise, her object here is today destroy herself! In she goes of course with the pole, Maria is made to crawl face forwards into the middle of the pit, where she gets told to fall in face first, she obliges, and completely submerges in vile mud and water, then numerous attempts are made by Maria to cross through this pit several times, each time ending in failure and once again being submerged in the pits vile contents. The pole is removed, then Maria, is made to crawl round the edge of the pit, collecting more vile mud onto her outfit. We get the results, Maria has not done well/ Forfeit Task: Maria is to face public humiliation, her final task plaster herself in mud, then walk back in public, stopping talking to people and ask them what they think of her looks, attire and attitude. We also make her walk down a main road, on view for all to see, and pass comment on her destroyed body and attire, if they see fit.

Join Miss Maria, in her task.

The Slime pit, pole!

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Destroyed and Dismantled.

 Miss Maria aka Mypie, finds herself chained to a chair in the back yard, sitting there in her stinking, ruined office attire. Maria dares to complain about her position, she finds out that the viewers have sent in requests for her to be dismantled in her vile, disgusting clothes. So we set about destroying Maria with a Tiswas outdoor assault, pies rain down on Maria, nowhere is left un flanned, face, hair, breasts, crotch, everywhere is pounded with pies, not only are they rubbed in, they're pressed in so Maria body really feel the effects in all the right places. Maria gurgles and complains! Woops that just makes it worse. Maria breasts are bombarded with jugs of cold water, her nipples start to burst through her sodden, destroyed blouse. Then come the buckets of water! These buckets are so severe Maria actually escapes on of her cuffs! Her crotch/vagina is also bombarded with cold water, added to the mud that is already stuck round there. Well as the bombardment continues all the mud, pies and water mix turning Maria into a destroyed and dismantled mess, then even the mess from the floor is hurled over Maria, oh there's always one last bucket of cold water!


Time to dismantle, mypie.


Show me the start.


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