Totally Tiswas

Ministry of Mess
Totally Tiswas

Being big fans of the show Tiswas everybody felt it only right to carry on with some very messy Tiswas style sets. Though Dynamo went as far as making a tribute opening titles video. With some 
of the Ministry girls.

Tiswas Re-make.

Just Deserts.

 Lisa has been wanting to get Tied and Pied, along with a sensual sploshing. So we've dressed her in satin, to add to the feeling against her soft, sexy skin. Lisa is allowed a top, pants and nickers but no more! We start by pouring custard over her hair and as it drips down slowly, Axa starts massaging it into her cleavage area. We also fill Lisa's pants letting the mess seep into the right areas. Lisa can do nothing due to her restraints, but moan quietly with pleasure. We then throw custard and cream all down her cleavage and crotch area, saturating her outfit in mess, her pert breasts cling to the outfit as sign of the enjoyment. Lisa's pert bottom is the target of plenty of pies,gunge and goo. Of course we fill her nickers it's a must, once again we hear and see Lisa's pleasure. Axa then moves on to filling the inside of Lisa's satin top, this makes Lisa react with very pert nipples, as they protrude through her outfit. Lisa is also treated to a chocolate shower, with lovely oozing sticky chocolate running all over her sploshed, sensual body. We then coat her pert bottom in custard and chocolate, Axa takes the time to lick some of the mess off. We have another present for Lisa we pull her pants down and arrange for custard, gunge and goo, to get rubbed into quite literally everywhere! Will Lisa last? Or will she just end up a chained, but happy wreck, as she gets her Just Deserts.

Lisa get's her just deserts!

Lisa's, cream bum!

Cream and custard, throw down?

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Tiswas Torture.

 Meet Kate, she's come over for a session or two, having seen the website, she's asked to get put through numerous things during the course of her afternoon, the first being Tiswas Torture, Kate has been tied to a pole in her lovely office attire. She wants to be totally messed up. Tiswas style, with a twist, she wants to go topless as well. Only one lady for the job then Shay Hendrix, who is sporting a nice white number! Well Shay starts not with a small pie, no, no, she uses a large cream and custard number that get's splatted straight in Kate's Face, this is followed by a deluge of custard, seeing as Kate is tied to a pole, we pour the custard straight inside her blouse. Then in tiswas style, the front of her blouse gets painted with gunge. This is followed by a custard shampoo, then what Kate has been waiting for, she is gunged, pied, flanned and totally wrecked without mercy. Shay makes sure that Kate's bra is filled with gunge and cake!! Yazoo and rice pudding are poured inside the sleeves of her blouse. Her skirt is trashed with everything.. Then Kate is stripped down, the bra goes west, Kate's pert breasts are then thoroughly gunged and pied.. Kate approves. This and many more surprises await Kate as she get what she been wanting for a long time....      

Meet Kate.

Kate's gunge and pie treatment.

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Girls and Goo.

 Toy has been invited along for what she thinks is a glamour shoot. What Toy doesn't know is that Mr Hurtlocker, has caught her  watching the messy parts of Tiswas, when she should be working, so a plan has been hatched! Yep it's a glamour shoot all right, but it's going to turn into an extremely messy one!!  Well Toy looks stunning in her outfit, when suddenly the pies and gunge start to fly at Toy in all directions, she gets gunged everywhere, inside, all over her outfit, her lingerie is filled, her pert ass is obliterated with pies. Buckets of gunge are hurled over from all directions possible, pies sandwiches galore. Of course gunges pies are in order, well you have to don't you!! Poor Toy doesn't even chance to fight back, as we've made sure she cannot get hold of any of the goo!!! Just how obliterated does she get???  


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Pie Power.

 Chloe is visiting Axa, in Axa's pie shop. Chloe is wearing her LBD, (Little Black Dress) Axa has new pies available and feels it's only right and proper to test them on Chloe! So Chloe is invited into the pie chair, suddenly Chloe starts getting pied everywhere, hair, boobs, butt, pies in the face. Chloe get's sat in pies, she even get's given pie slippers!! This is followed by pie substance throwing, as Axa starts emptying the pie contents and throwing them over Chloe and her outfit... Then it's only fit to see how many pies can be landed on Chloe's outfit. Then if that's not bad enough, we find some buckets of water!!! Well as you can guess Axa brings them into play as well. Pies are literally going everywhere. Let rip with the Pie Power...


Get the Pies!!


Pies and Water, and that little black dress!


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