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Roget's, slip and slide.

 Superstar Ashley Ryder has come along to join Holly Kiss for Rogets, but the mayhem starts before we even get into the pit for the games, as the camera rolls as the girls choose their outfits. Then Holly has to show the world that she is getting ready, including going topless! Once we get into the chamber, we find plenty of natrasol to play with, along with something new called, 'Slube!' Ashley loses the first round to Holly and the custard flies, soaking her outfit, Ashley works the game out quickly and gets revenge. Thing is they both like the slube, so they keep playing with it, turning everything transparent! Pies are on the cards, once we find out new guest is a pie virgin... The game moves on more silliness ensues. Holly feels its time for soup of the day, though it has to go down Ashley's cleavage and knickers. Holly then feels left out, so fills her own panties with the dish of the day! Just as we think it cannot get any kinkier the clothes come off, and both girls start to roll round naked. Holly declares her pussy needs slube, Ashley is only too happy to oblige!

Roget's, lets play.

More of the same please.

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Wam Words.

 Lisa King and Temptress Kate have been brought together to play, 'Wam Words'. The rules are simple select a number from one to twenty, this matches with a part of the female antimony then you add the mess that you feel fits best. Bonus points are awarded for the most creative answers or cheating! Word combo's can get extra rewards as well such as: Double life cream, and Double D breasts! Kate gets very competitive and takes the upper hand, but things don't go her way with Semolina slime! The girls seem to going for all sorts of combinations that rhyme like, flour fanny, treacle tush! Lisa appears to be trying for some under hand tactics is she cheating? As panties gets filled, Kate declares the tone has been lowered!  Suddenly, the quiz master gets wind of the Lisa King situation. A penalty is issued and Miss King's bra goes west! Kate announces with some vigour that a custard cleavage is in order! Hmm? Kate does not like the thought of Lisa having the upper hand, so she disrobes! Then what follows can only be described as a, 'Bosom Barrage!' 

Let's try some cream?

Lisa's bra has gone west!

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Calamity Kate.

 Temptress Kate is ready. She finds herself chained up in her shiny office blouse and front zip black wet look skirt. We have chained Kate's wrists and ankles so she cannot fight back. We will start with chocolate sauce all over the blouse. Thing is, Lisa gets a bit carried away with being dominate for a change. She starts getting buckets of stuff and pouring them over Kate!  Lisa's blackbody stocking comes under attack from cream and gunge, for some reason around the cleavage? Custard rains down on poor Kate, who can do nothing but accept her punishment. Now here is a first, the ladies invent the Fray Bentos desert pie! This consist of custard, black treacle and cream? Again Kate get's it splattered all over her attire. Lisa declares the situation is a whitewash, literally! As she pours cream all down the front of Kate's outfit. This is followed by a bucket of yellow gunge down her back. Then Lisa fills her clothes..!... What is going on.?. We think it's over, but no! Lisa now undoes Kate's blouse, pulls it up and gunges her pert, ample, breasts. Then fills her knickers with custard and tip top! Somebody get order please!

Calamity Kate, gets creamed!

Kate's custard blouse!

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Anything Goes.

 Lisa is in the dog house. She is now wearing the hand cuffs, it would appear the Kate is about to enjoy herself by getting revenge. She starts by putting custard in Lisa's hair, crusha down her back, then a full can of whipped cream into the cleavage! Suddenly, Kate undoes the crotch of Lisa's stunning body stocking and pulls it up around her shoulders, revealing Lisa's stunning breasts. Flour is the order of the day! Kate releases her statement to the world. 'Fear the flour!' Kate proceeds to cover Lisa's ample cleavage in flour and custard. Then we move on to this summer's must have, yep, a cake hat! Kate makes a rather stunning custard cake hat and rubs it into Lisa's hair. Lisa gives the game away by shouting, 'fill my knickers!' The flour all over Lisa's breasts are good target for custard, as it makes the yellow liquid cling to her pert assets. Then Kate unleashes her dark side! She finds a bucket of muck and feels the urge to tip it over Lisa's head!  Just as we think it's over, Lisa finds one last bucket and somehow hurls it over Kate.... Then when its all over, we join the girls for the clean up! They revolt and say they are going to form the Wam Union! What is going on?

Revenge, lets get rid of Lisa's top!

Plenty of buckets to go round!

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Pied and Vibed.

 Holly Kiss has been a bad girl, so it's time for a messy punishment! She has been cuffed to the spreader pole, in some stunning lingerie. Holly is to be pied and vibed into oblivion with forced, orgasms. We start by getting Axa Jay to engulf Holly in custard, over her head, bra and in her panties. We follow up with a drenching of cream. Of course we need pies, so Axa has got catering size flans! She loads up a huge pie and splats straight in Holly's face, not once but twice! Then it's time to start dismantling Holly, with the combination of pies and vibes! Oh to make the sexual frustration greater for Holly, we use not one vibrator but two! Holly's pussy is sexually pounded, as well as her face and body as more custard and pies are delivered in wave, after wave. We of course continue to vibe Holly as she sexually breaks down from all the mess and forced orgasms!

Holly, gets Pied and Vibed!

Even more Pies and Vibes.

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