Gunk and Dunk

Ministry of Mess
Gunk and Dunk

Messy Minx.

 Ashley Ryder has a secret? Bondage, messy bondage! Get the lady in cuffs and she goes to pieces, her subby side comes out. So we do just that, cuffed up round her ankles, legs and wrists, we also an extra chain put round her neck so Ashley can be lead about and connected up. The lady in question is taken to the pit to be gunged. Well as soon as we start the cream comes out and gets poured all over Ashley's pert bottom. Gunge follows, then pressure is stepped up as verbal instructions start to flow to the sub. The bikini gets taken off and the toys come out, more pies and goo follow. Suddenly we capture the submissive having a sly masturbation as the commands are dished out. Looks like she is going to pieces, only one thing for it vibe her to orgasm! Of course it would not be fair for Holly to stay in clean her black body stocking, so we make sure some slime fly's in her direction as well. Join us and just how messy and subby Ashley gets.

A right pair of minx's!

The cat has got the cream.

Chained and vibed...

Give me the other angle.

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Lisa's Gunk Dunk.

 We have excess waste from the studio, Miss Maria has left a message that Lisa must dunk herself. All Lisa's hair must be ruined in the gunk. Though Lisa feels her boobs should be dunked along with her crotch and ass! So only one thing for it, sit in it! Once again we inform Lisa she must dunk, so the hair goes back in for another round! We move onto gunk poured into the cleavage, also in the knickers is a must. Lisa then proceeds to wash down in the gunk, then we witness a total ass soaking! If that's not enough what's left in the gunk buckets is then tipped down Lisa's cleavage!


A lot of gunk, that Lisa must dunk!



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 Maria's Gunk Dunk.

 Welcome to the Gunk Dunk, Miss Maria, has been put forward by the girls after an afternoon of getting the girls repeated messy. They plan to return the favour, in spectacular fashion. By putting Maria through the Gunk Dunk. This gunk bucket is truly disgusting it has all the left over from the afternoons shoot put in it! Plus custard and just for Jolly's, a bag of flour has been added to make it extra sticky for Miss Maria. Well this does not phase Maria, she loves her wam and literally dives in! Well Lisa and Chloe, have to try and outsmart Maria, so they find even more ways to pour gunge and mess into and over her outfit. At one point they even turn her nickers into sieve. They also find a way to deluge Maria with contents of several buckets of slop from the afternoon. Leading to an extremely messy ending for all three ladies.

Maria speaks, pre dunk..

Gunk her in the dunk!

Once more into the gunk!

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Cuffs and Custard.

 It has been decided that Lisa needs to be put through a torment scene, in satin. In order to complete the task, stunning Lisa must bombard herself with custard and goo. To add to the torment Lisa must do the tasks cuffed at the wrists and ankles. First on the torment list, is a chocolate and cream pie in the face, this is followed up with custard and chocolate sauce over the cleavage and crotch. Cold yazoo is also delivered to Lisa's ample breasts. Problem is the cuffs are restricting her, making it difficult to complete the tasks set. A forfeit is forced onto Lisa in the form of custard in the pants, the pants are swamped in yellow liquid. We need more custard chocolate inside the bra cups to add to Lisa's cleavage torment. Custard clothes are also on the list, so she has to bombard her outfit until she is saturated in the yellow golden goo. Lisa starts squirting, yazoo that is! All over her pants. A river of chocolate goo is released into Lisa's hair and down her back. Next we have a crotch challenge, cold cream. Lisa must soak her crotch, if she screams she fails the task, and is forced to expose her cleavage for all to see. More tasks come at cuffed Lisa, this time treacle and cream pies in the breasts, you must splat them all over, of course another lashing of custard follows. Question is, just how destroyed will Lisa get? Will she get the keys to the cuffs?

Cuffs and custard and Yazoo!

Custard bottom.

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