Messy Humiliation

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Messy Humiliation

*Please note, all models who shoot for the messy humiliation page, do so, of their own free will.

All of the below is adult role play, and is no way, shape or form real, neither should it be viewed by

the viewer, as being a real life situation*

Custard Catfight.

 Look out! Axa and Lisa are wearing shiny office attire. Lisa spills a pie down Axa's top. Axa gets annoyed and returns the favour with cream all down the front of Lisa's blouse! Well the red mist comes down and clothes ripping ensues, the custard comes out and flows readily. Lisa's formal attire gets torn open. Kinky devil, she's not wearing a bra! Breasts are groped, nipples are tweaked. Clothes are used as weapons, cream is slung into knickers. Axa's skirt gets torn away, she only not wearing any panties! Lisa gets her G-string filled with custard, hair pulling erupts as the battle continues. Even the camera men start throwing yellow gloop into the fight! Lisa ends up getting sat on, more yellow liquid is applied to her near naked body. More slapping, biting and pulling breaks out with Axa naked and Lisa in just a thin string! Oddly, Axa seems very aroused her nipples are extremely stiff? Wonder what will happen, could somebody end up getting humiliated, maybe their hair used a mop?

Look out, catfight!

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Dirty Rascal.

 Rascal is in her black lingerie, she had been put in cuffs, and then bound at wrists and ankles. She is to be wam dommed by Nymph, who starts with a bucket of slop over her head. Rascal is told she will learn respect, so we throw custard and cream over her. Bra and panties are engulfed as we swamp them in custard, we follow up with a deluge of chocolate sauce. More pies follow, though we feel the dom's delivery could be better, so she too is creamed! We then cream Rascal, from head to toe. We warn Rascal she may be sexually destroyed by Rola Cola! Her bra is removed, her erect nipples openly on view, custard and cream on again deluge her, this time focusing on her breasts and pussy. The panties are filled to bursting with whipped cream, then splatted in! Pies are then pressed into the pussy through her sopping panties. Rascal is wedgied ,and the receives a slam pie to her exposed pussy! Rascal cries out for mercy but her sexual dismantling continues, her panties are torn off. Nymph fails her task as the dom, she too joins Rascal for Rola Cola, as her pussy lips are also sexually pounded. Guess what we then go back and do Rascal again!


Cuffed, gunged and stripped.


Topless Gunging!


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Disgusting Diners.

 A new diner has opened and Lisa and Chloe have called in for the afternoon tea special, we have hired Miss Maria, our American waitress, thing is she seems a bit cross, at the customer's. May well be from the treatment of the management, that are of course Mr B'stard and A Wanker. Well as soon as the girls arrive everything starts going wrong as Miss Maria, starts throwing custard pies about, clothes, hair, make up, everything get's plastered, thing start getting stuffed inside clothes, cleavage gets gunged! Well then we move onto the pasta special offer. For some reason, even though Lisa and Chloe have not ordered this? They still get to wear it, or should that be try, before you buy! The management blame Miss Maria, who gets cross and takes it's out on Lisa and Chloe, by plastering them in even more things. Lisa dares to complain, causing uproar, thus causing Chloe to get even messier! Afternoon tea, has been replaced with afternoon gunge!! Several large bucket full! Oh there are beans as well, might be out of date, but hey ho! Well it seems that Miss Maria, has her own plans for the customers! Join us and see just how much messy humiliation, we can put these ladies through.... We can always blame the waitress!!!

Customer complaint!

Give me more of the same..

Disgusting Gunge!

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Snotty Bitch.

 This snotty bitch, has found herself in a right situation, sent to the board for being so snooty, and looking down on other people with a demeaning manner. So Mr B'stard and A Wanker, have taken it upon themselves to give this lady the royal treatment. Snotty Bitch, Isabel is wearing a formal cream blouse and matching pants... We'll make sure they don't look formal for long!! We start by hurling some food at her, just to get her in the right mind-set!! Then treatment begins, and boy does she get it, not from one person but two!! Axa makes some seriously disgusting pie combo's such as, cream and brown sauce pies!! They of course are slapped all over her outfit, she is hosed down from all quarters with custard, sauces, soup, even paint gets thrown in. Snotty Bitches blouse is torn open and gunged inside and out. Her snooty pants are next after being ripped there, then filled with tomato and brown sauce inside!!! More abuse is sent her way... She's made to kneel in the cold unable to do a thing while she is mocked and degraded by everyone.... Though we have more!!! Black treacle is then poured inside her nickers and rubbed into her pussy causing somewhat of a sticky spot!! We also think Snotty Bitch needs cooling down, so she suffers head dunking not once but three times!! We mock her while this happens, as you should. Come join us, and just see how much of state Snotty Bitch ends up in......Oh we forgot to tell you about all the tomato puree, that's got poured in her butt crack as well.

This snotty bitch, is a right slapper!


Show her no mercy..


Going round the bend??


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