Brutal Boutique

Ministry of Mess
Brutal Boutique

Brutal Boutique Part one.

 Jenna has gone self employed, she has opened up her own beauty boutique. (God help us!) Well, we are lucky as the first guests through the door are Charlotte Rose, who is of course the first lady of sex, along with I am Miss Scorpion. Looks like Miss Scorpion is booked in for the spa body treatment! (Is she nuts? Jenna is running the place!) It would appear mud packs have replaced with a lot of custard and cream? Also cop for the outfits for getting your treatment in, figure hugging, black wet llook body stocking! Jenna ropes Charlie into her helping her with delivery of the spa goodies. First on the list of items is custard and whipped cream in the cleavage, followed by pies down the back. Custard crotch! Not quite sure what that helps? I warned you! Jenna starts getting a bit bratty, she starts throwing yazoo over Miss Scorpion and some goes over Charlie? Dear lord, not the first lady of sex! The treatment includes some rather odd things, tomato pasta, steak and ale pie sauce! Are we sure Jenna is not just empting the cupboards? Charlie gets in on the act and starts describing all the items in a sexual nature. Words like, moist, fluid and liquid seem to be put into a lot of statements?  The liquid would appear to be several litres of custard tipped inside Miss Scorpions body stocking? You won't believe where both Jenna and Charlie start massage when the pies come out! To top it all Miss Scorpion ends up bent over a chair in a rather revealing position for everybody to see! Oh guess what, then pie her pert ass, several times!

Try the pies and Sauce, Mizz Scorpion!

Gunge rinse?

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Brutal Boutique, Part two.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, we are privileged at the boutique. The first lady of sex, Charlie Rose has called in to have a look round. Though something has gone awry, Charlie ends up in the treatment chair? Several litres of custard wreck her hair. Miss Scorpion takes on the job of tit teasing Charlie, by filling her cleavage with custard and cream! Well, Jenna bends Charlie over a stool and hitches up her skirt? Guess what, she sets about gunging Charlie's lingerie with Charlotte in it! Miss Scorpion makes sure the stockings get trashed, oh sorry! I mean filled! The ladies feel Charlie needs to be introduced to Pie Preparation? So they flan her! Dear lord, you cannot do this to the first lady of sex! The camera man gets in on the action once he knows who the special guest it, Charlie is asked to sing the dom song, whilst the girls gunge her!  Miss Scorpion feels a reward is in order for the delivery, but unfortunately this involves a lot of cream? Somehow the guest ends up bent over in a rather revealing position for a second time, knickers are filled. Then there is some surprise humiliation for Miss Scorpion, all we will say is seeing is believing....

Charlie's boob ad!

Yes! Charlie sings the dom song..


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Complete Destruction.

 Dear lord, it has all gone wrong. Charlie and Miss Scorpion have rebelled against the boutique and have taken matters into their own hands. This would appear to involve handcuffs, a gag and Jenna! They set about pieing and gunning her then humiliating her. Guess what, they strip her down to her panties.... They cover her in paint, pies and food that is left over from the earlier treatments... The first lady of sex seems intent on revenge! Miss Scorpion seems to want to do to Jenna something that happened to her earlier featuring Charlie's bottom? Oh there is slop on boutique floor so that appears to be getting used as well. Poor Jenna, or does she secretly love every minute of the degrading attention?

Jenna's knickers!

Strip the host, strip her now!

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